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Professor Karen O'Brien, Vice-Chancellor and Warden of 达勒姆 University, stood smiling with arms folded, in front of bookshelves

Our Vice-Chancellor Professor Karen O'Brien explores some of the cultural opportunities on offer from the University over the coming weeks.

The days are getting longer, the weather is (generally) getting better, and for us here at 达勒姆 University, that means: exam season. Our main exam period is now well under way, running until Friday 3 June.

在那之后, our calendar allows for a three-week period before graduation, during which many of our students have more free time. Many choose to step up their volunteering, supporting good causes locally. Others will focus on their sport, 剧院, music or other interests; and it will be a time of celebrating completing their studies – with clear guidance from the University on doing so responsibly and considerately.

Pride, Jubilee, Regatta...

During this period, there are so many opportunities for you, bt365的邻居, to enjoy what the University offers. We are strong supporters of 达勒姆 Pride (Sunday 29th 5月), when my colleague Shaid Mahmood, our Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), will be speaking and joining the parade, and would invite you to join us down at The Sands.

There are various student concerts and events to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee (around June 2nd to 5th), the wonderful spectacle of 达勒姆赛舟会 returns (June 11th 和12th) and our annual arts festival Summer in the City runs throughout June and July. This will include music from jazz to choral song; art exhibitions and events; and 剧院 performances and workshops: all in venues across the city.

最后, at the end of June: 会众, when thousands of our students will graduate in the stunning setting of 达勒姆 Cathedral. This year’s 会众 is extended, to accommodate students whose graduation was delayed due to Covid-19. I may have only arrived in 达勒姆 in January, but I have already seen what a buzz 会众 brings to the city, and what a boost it brings to local businesses.

回来ing 达勒姆 for UK City of Culture 2025

All of this is part of what 达勒姆 University contributes to the rich and diverse cultural life of our city, county and region – and further evidence, if it were needed, that County 达勒姆 would make an excellent UK City of Culture 2025.

We were delighted to welcome the competition judges to the University during their visit to 达勒姆 earlier this month. I was particularly excited to meet Sir Phil Redmond, the chair of the judges, having been hooked on his TV creation Brookside 多年来. If you missed the BBC One Show feature on 达勒姆’s bid, I would recommend catching up via BBC iPlayer – the episode from Wednesday 18 五月, from about 18 minutes in. We are now hoping for a positive result when the winner is announced shortly.

Please continue to back the bid, at and on social media: your support really counts.  

探索 会众 at 达勒姆 University
回来 达勒姆's bid to be UK City of Culture 2025
看英国广播公司(BBC)一个人的 The One Show feature on 达勒姆's UK City of Culture 2025 bid (starts at 18 minutes)